Well, can you imagine?

I come to work today and what do I see there? The Personal assistant of my boss dyed her hair in a bright blond and put on a mini-skirt! Honestly, I was just shocked! I thought maybe I should do a surgery to enlarge my boobs? Shorten the nose? Botox? Build up my hair? How should I react to her beauty at work?
I decided to start from straightening hair. And what? Do you think you can not work on humanity by your straighted hair? No? Very much even it is possible!
In the break I went to the toilet, quickly made a mask, then went to google What you can buy on my tiny salary to defeat this bastard secretary!

Found an interesting thing called Best Hair Straightening Brush. I’m generally stunned that this is already on our planet.
Stuck serious. Ordered. They delivered it at the same day. At the very end of the day I decided to try it on my work place.
My hair is thick and beautiful (haha), I was very afraid to burn them. At first it was scary, but then I got involved. Straightens cool, by the way. This device.
I decided to go to the cafe where my boss is hanging out. I want to go there, feeling like a Beauty without a Beast!
When I came in what I saw?!!! There was that bitch with him! Well, can you imagine such a thing?!!!!
Well, it’s okay, I shooked my straightened hair! It’s blowed that bitch away! Straight to the bar! Her hair disheveled, his skirt was puffed up. And under the skirt, believe me, was nothing interesting!
My boss looked at me, his eyes lit up and he moved towards me. We embraced, we started to dance, dance, dance …… and I woke up.

I wonder whether it will work out in real life – the best hair straightening brush .. ? I have to try it!
I am gonna go to work right now!