Hybrid bike

hybrid bikesGuys I have a new idea! My friend bought a hybrid bike! Best hybrid bikes be found here. I had never thought of this before, but now it’s becoming fashionable and I must obey fashion!
In short, everyone is talking about the undoubted benefits of bicycles. Heart and all that … Thanks God I’m not complaining about my heart, but I’d like to improve the ass and legs.
I really like to be fashionable. I have such a character trait …
While I can not imagine how I will ride a bicycle, but I think I will learn quickly. Do you think it’s as hard as straightening your hair? )) I’m kidding!
Fine trousers are already in my wardrobe! I think that the helmet to me to wear will not really want, but the safety rules require ((
In general, guys, I am a very temperamental person and I’m not sure that meeting you on the road will be pleasant for you!
I’ll try first to be modest on the road, because safety is important!